“Album of the year, nothing more nothing less. A masterpiece in the hard rock-genre, 10 out of 10.”
~Metalized (Denmark)

“Greasy riffs, wailing solos, and black-clad biker men who look like they only come out at night, presumably to roam Sunset Strip in search of good times and blow.”
~Classic Rock Magazine (UK)

“They are certainly one of the best bands of this style I’ve heard in a while. 7 out of 10.”
~Powerplay Magazine (UK)

“This is one of the best hard rock albums in the year. 5 out of 5.”
~Rockfarbror (Sweden)

“We can’t find a single thing to dislike about this album or band. Every track is a hit. All ten songs are catchy, groovy, and loud as hell.”
~Gears of Rock

“This album is in my opinion one of the best sleazy hard rock albums that have come from an American band in the past several years. In fact I would go so far and say -this is one of the best albums in this genre that have come in the last five years. 5 out of 6.”
~Calles Rock Corner (Denmark)

“You don’t just make a record like this. You live a lifetime of it and it just comes from you like a kick to the teeth. If you like this style of music you cannot pass on it as you will be missing out on something very special.”
~Absolute Zero Media

“Rock n’ roll riffs that will make you grab a cold beer and go out into the street in search of revelry and fight, who said n’ roll rock is dead? With Kickin Valentina it’s more alive than ever.”
~Roxx 2 Metal Radio (Portugal)

“Everyone knows Scandinavia is the current breeding ground for all things sleaze, but Kickin Valentina are bound and determined to change that with a self-titled EP that packs a ‘Mike Tyson in his prime’ punch. No words could describe how much potential Kickin Valentina display on this EP. The Europeans may have a stranglehold on the cantankerous sleaze genre, but Kickin Valentina give us all hope that the scene is capable of surviving, and even thriving, in America”
~Skid – Sleaze Roxx (Canada)

“Kickin Valentina: Boozy, Hard Rock from Atlanta Aims to Steal Your Dirty Black Heart! Overall, ‘Kickin Valentina’ is a rowdy hello from a band that shows great promise as upcoming, heavyweight motor-sleaze rockers.”
~Metal Dave – 2 Fast 2 Die (USA)

“Breath of fresh air in today’s music scene. 4.5 out of 5.”
~NU Rocks (Argentina)

“Coming on like the bastard sons of Guns ‘n’ Roses and Buckcherry, this four-piece blow us away with a hi-octane set of numbers culled from their three albums to date”
~Call Of The Wild RoCk Festival 2020

“They immediately pulverised the place with the opener ‘Sweat’ with its boundless energy with the fabulous ‘Freakshow’ immediately following it up.”
~Stonedead 2020/Review by Metalliville

“What a badass, no bullshit, piss n vinager rock n roll band with zero apologies! ”
~Sleaze Roxx

“Kickin Valentina ‘The Revenge Of Rock’: It’s exuberant, fresh and realistic for the modern era. Yes, it ticks all the classic boxes”
~Uber Rock